Preserving Love: The Importance of Tangible Memories in the Digital Age - Guest Crockette Leible from Crockette's Images

Preserving Love: The Importance of Tangible Memories in the Digital Age – Guest Crockette Leible from Crockette’s Images


Welcome back to another episode of Behind the Veil Magazine! In today’s episode, we have the incredibly talented photographer, Crockette Leible, joining us to discuss the enchanting world of capturing love through the lens. Crockette takes us on a journey through their unique approach to photography and how they use it to understand the true dynamics of a couple’s relationship. From the perfect “kissy” and candid shots to the art of posing, Crockette shares their insights on creating stunning images that capture the essence of love. Get ready to dive into the world of engagement sessions, wedding day preparations, and the significance of preserving memories through tangible photographs. Let’s not waste any time and jump right into this captivating conversation with Crockette Leible. Enjoy!

“Booking Your Wedding Photographer in Advance: They book up about a year and a half, sometimes 2 years in advance, especially if you want, like, April, May, June, September, October, early November.”

— Crockette Leible

About our Guest

Crockette Leible is an experienced wedding photographer with a passion for capturing love and happiness. With over 16 years of photography experience, Crockette has been drawn to wedding photography since 2011. The joy and fulfillment of being around people who are in love have made weddings her favorite event to photograph. She finds great happiness in witnessing and documenting the morning preparations, from the mimosas and delicious food to the excitement of hair and makeup. For Crockette, photography is not just a job, but a true enjoyment that allows her to capture beautiful moments of love and celebration.

The Power of Love: “I really love being around people who love each other, and I’m sappy. I’m so sappy. So that’s what really inspires me to keep doing weddings is my love for love and seeing the light inside people. And I get to photograph that. I get to photograph that so they can remember how they feel every time they look at those pictures.”

— Crockette Leible

In this episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with the talented photographer Crockette Leible. Crockette shared with us their unique approach to capturing the essence of a couple’s relationship through photography. From “kissy” and candid shots to poised gazes, Crockette’s passion lies in exploring the comfort and connection between couples.

She tailors their style to the personality and preferences of each couple, understanding that no two love stories are alike. Crockette also delved into the importance of tangible memories in the digital age. In a time when technology often overwhelms us, Crockette encourages us to remember the power of physical items that can be passed down through generations. They believe that by printing and displaying photographs, we can truly capture the essence of our cherished memories. Throughout the episode, Crockette emphasized the significance of paying attention to the small details, both in life and photography. They shared how these subtle adjustments can deeply impact the final outcome of their work. By choosing the right size for wall prints and visualizing their placement in different rooms, we can ensure that our memories are displayed beautifully and become an integral part of our homes.

Weddings hold a special place in our hearts, and Crockette highlighted the importance of taking the time to savor every moment. From the intimate morning rituals to spending time with loved ones, every step of the wedding day deserves to be cherished and captured. She shared insights on capturing both traditional and candid shots, explaining how engagement sessions play a crucial role in ensuring couples feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera on their big day. Crockette’s perspective on printing memories resonated deeply with us. She stressed the significance of scattering these tangible reminders of love throughout our homes. Whether it’s through albums, framed pictures, or digital frames, the act of printing gives our memories a sense of being alive and present. Let’s break free from the confines of digital storage and celebrate the physicality of our cherished moments.

Lastly, we invite you to explore Crockette’s work by visiting their website and to consider them as a potential photographer option for your special day.

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Topic: Importance of Physical Items in Preserving Memories

– The significance of tangible items in creating connections within families
– How digital storage may not capture the essence of a memory
– Advantages of physical prints over digital ones
– How storing memories digitally can lead to forgetting or neglecting them

Topic: Attention to Detail in Photography

– The importance of paying attention to small details throughout the day
– How these adjustments can enhance the quality of photography
– The speaker’s personal experience with noticing the effects of small adjustments
– Examples of adjustments, such as posing and physical positioning

Topic: Choosing the Right Size for Prints

– The importance of selecting the appropriate size for wall prints
– Recommendations for ideal display sizes (16 by 20 or larger)
– Suitable sizes for desks and tabletops (8 by 10, 5 by 7)
– Visualizing placement in a room to determine size

Topic: Enjoyment of the Wedding Day Process

– Emphasizing the significance of having a leisurely wedding day plan
– Highlighting activities like breakfast, getting dressed, and spending time with loved ones
– Stress and high expectations associated with wedding day
– Capturing emotions and feelings for the couple

Topic: Importance of Engagement Sessions

– The role of engagement sessions in understanding the couple’s vibe and preferences
– Teaching posing techniques and building comfort and confidence
– How engagement sessions help the couple feel more relaxed on their wedding day
– Positive feedback from couples about engagement session pictures

Topic: Scattering Memories Throughout the House

– The speaker’s desire to print out and scatter memories throughout their house
– Why printing memories is preferable to leaving them stored digitally
– Suggestions for various forms of printing, such as albums, framed pictures, and digital frames

Topic: Booking a Wedding Photographer

– Importance of booking a wedding photographer well in advance
– Popular months for weddings
– High-demand venues and their availability
– Mentioning the speaker as a potential photographer option

Topic: Designing and Decorating a Home with Photos

– Assistance provided by the speaker in designing and decorating a home
– Using favorite pictures to decorate
– Importance of wall layout in creating a visually pleasing design
– Handling confusing design aspects on behalf of the client

Topic: Incorporating Prayers and Spirituality

– The speaker’s practice of praying before, during, and after weddings
– Asking for guidance in capturing the couple perfectly
– The power of connecting with couples through prayer and understanding their needs
– The energy of love emitted by the couple when they unite their hearts

Topic: Unique Benefits of Engagement Photographs

– Benefits of engagement photographs beyond wedding pictures
– Various purposes and uses for engagement photos
– Personalizing the photos to match the couple’s vibe and preferences
– How engagement photos can provide a more personal touch compared to traditional wedding pictures

Topic: Preserving Memories Through Wedding Albums

– The speaker’s joy in capturing love and affection through photography
– The role of providing a wedding album filled with favorite memories
– The significance of physically holding and reliving the wedding day
– The immersive experience of flipping through the album pages compared to digital media

Topic: The Speaker’s Love for Photography

– The speaker’s love for capturing love and affection between engaged couples
– Finding inspiration in being around people who love each other
– The impact of photographs in helping couples remember how they feel
– The satisfaction of providing lasting memories through photography


00:02:57 Emotional weddings bring joy and celebration.
00:03:41 Love what I do, capture and cherish memories.
00:06:51 Love, photos, capturing moments, sappy, inspiration.
00:12:13 Heirlooms woven from hair connect families.
00:14:31 Photographing love notes for wedding album memories.
00:17:23 Leisurely wedding day captures cherished moments.
00:22:13 Candid and traditional shots capture wedding memories.
00:24:40 Engagement photos capture moments, memories, and style.
00:29:14 Praying for perfect wedding captures, feeling couples’ needs.
00:32:00 “Smallest wall print = 16×20, nothing smaller.”
00:33:38 Offering virtual wall displays and print options.
00:37:57 Design your home with your favorite pictures.
00:40:13 Print services for cool merchandise and artwork.
00:44:42 Organized wedding plan helps visualize entire day.
00:48:51 Book wedding photographer well in advance.
00:49:37 Book Frixler early for wedding design/filming.

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